Car key replacement/duplicate in Pensacola, Florida

A.B.E.L. Locksmith has provided quality car key replacement/duplication in Pensacola, Florida for 8 years. We can create factory cut transponder or "chip" keys, standard car keys or motorbike keys. Call Brian (850) 485-2021.

Examples why you need a car replacement key

  • Are your keys lost or have they been stolen?
  • Has your key broken in the lock?
  • Do you have a transponder key and want a copy for the “just in case”?

How to replace/duplicate a car key

  • Check driver's side dashboard (outside through window) and write down you car's VIN number.
  • Ask your local lockmith if they can replace your car key. Abel Locksmith has a sofisticated machinary to cut and program your new car key.
  • Ask your dealesrship if they can replace your car key. But be careful, dealerships usually charge much more than locksmith.  

Car key replacement prices

  • Standard Mechanical Key $45
  • High Security Mechanical Key: $65
  • Mechanical Keys (1 vehicle, 2 or more differing keys): $45 per lock (ie: door, ignition, trunk etc.)
  • Transponder Keys (NO Remote Head): $100
  • High Security Transponder Keys: $120
  • Vats Keys: $135
  • VATS By-pass Module Installation: $175
  • Please call for another type of keys


Abel Locksmith programing a brand new key for 2006 Pontiac

This was a 2006 Pontiac Grand Am. Brian was programming the new key off Berwick street in Pensacola, Florida.
The photos below show our Locksmith specialist Brian programming the transponder key with my hotwire software.

ABEL Locksmith replaced the old keys - Chevrolet Astro 2002

This video demonstrates a common issue on 2002 Chevy Astro van. Our customer put the key in the in the ignition and the van would not start. The key would no longer turn in the ignition.

ABEL Locksmith created a factory car key for the Chevy Astro. We also oiled everything inside of the ignition. As you can see the new factory key we made works perfectly and the customer is able to start his van again.

Note: Lots of people would take the key and have a new one made. They think they now have a new key. The problem is the small key teeth get worn down. That is why you will not be able to copy the old key and make it work in your vehicle. You need the quality of a factory cut out key made by Abel Locksmith.

Brian Lee


Brian Lee provided a great service for us - he was responsive, professional and met all of our needs in a timely manner.  We've had good results with his workmanship and appreciate his fairness and diligence to the task at hand.  He provided good insight into other problem areas and was able to remedy those challenges.  We highly recommend ABEL Locksmith.

 ~ Jack and Nancy O'Brien

Abel locksmith is the only locksmith we use.  He's reliable, fast and courteous.

 ~ Southern Homes Realty Property Management

I have been incredibly impressed by A.B.E.L. Locksmithing and their total professionalism.  I have been locked out of car, as well as home, all hours......and they have delivered above and beyond what any locksmith has ever done.  Very courteous, always prompt.  I will use no one else.

 ~ Bobby Lepinay

A.B.E.L Locksmith provided fast friendly, and professional service to my place of work.  Mr. Lee and his staff did an excellent job, and at a very reasonable fee.  I would definitely refer my family and friends to A.B.E.L Locksmith.  

 ~ Freddie Thronson

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