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An established, locally owned business, A.B.E.L. Locksmith has provided reliable, professional locksmith services in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, Florida since 2007. We service home, and commercial needs and have been trusted by County offices, local business and homeowners alike for our integrity and quality work.

If you live in the Pensacola area and are looking for a safe for your home or business, A.B.E.L. Locksmith is qualified to help you choose the best safe for your desired purposes. We sell, install, and provide maintenance services, such as combination changes for personal, fire arm and commercial safes.

Please see below for some helpful information in deciding if a safe is the best choice for your needs:

Four Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Safe
(Excerpt from Security Buyers Guide)
When purchasing a safe there are four main points to consider before making a decision:

  1. Size or Capacity of the Safe
  2. Final Placement of the Safe
  3. Type and Degree of Protection
  4. The Price of the Safe

The first determination, size or capacity, is entirely dependent on what you are going to store in the safe. The best way to do this is to measure the largest items you intend to secure. Plan to buy a safe whose interior dimensions allow for at least 25% more room. Be aware that the inside and outside dimensions of the safes vary considerably. You must allow for the body and the insulation of the safe. These two factors can reduce the inside size of a safe by quite a bit. The extra 25% will allow additional room for items you have forgotten to consider or new items you will want to add later.  Many safe buyers add up to 50% more room to plan for future growth.

The second determination, final placement of your safe, is dependent on how much space you have available and how you will move the safe to this location. Be sure to measure door widths and heights and compare to your safe outside dimensions. Also know that the combination lock and door hinges will add another 2" - 4" in size. Also, if you are thinking about moving a large heavy safe up or down stairs, be sure that the stairs (and the areas that the safe will be moved across) are strong enough to support this weight. 

Remember, once you install the safe it’ll never get bigger, but you will always find more items you would like to protect.

The third determination, type and degree of protection, is dependent on the nature of the property that you wish to secure. You might start by asking your insurance company what safe ratings they require to provide you with coverage. Safes are built to meet certain fixed standards for either fire or burglary resistance. Non-negotiable paper documents and records usually can be housed in a fireproof safe. However, if the items are primarily valuables such as cash, bullion, coins or jewelry, then they should be stored in an appropriate burglary resistive safe. It is possible to make a burglary safe fire resistive by using small fire resistive inserts or composite materials. Fire safes, on the other hand, rarely offer any level of real burglary protection.

The last factor, price, is determined by the size and type of safe you wish to purchase. Prices can be anywhere from reasonable, for small fire safes, up to very expensive for jewelers safes.  Don’t forget with a safe it’s true, “you get what you pay for.”   Be cautious, if you find a great bargain on a new or used safe – pause a moment and consider – you may not have a true bargain at all! It is better to think of a safe as an investment not just a purchase.

Once you’ve purchased your safe you will need to consider the most effective method of installation. We recommend one of two options:

In floor mount: These safes are the easiest to conceal. The safe is buried with only the combination dial and opening flush with your flooring – with the actual vault underground, there is a degree of protection from fire as well as from burglary.

Floor mount: These safes are bolted into the foundation of the building with concrete anchors and are available in variety of burglary and fire resistant classes.

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Brian Lee provided a great service for us - he was responsive, professional and met all of our needs in a timely manner.  We've had good results with his workmanship and appreciate his fairness and diligence to the task at hand.  He provided good insight into other problem areas and was able to remedy those challenges.  We highly recommend ABEL Locksmith.

 ~ Jack and Nancy O'Brien

Abel locksmith is the only locksmith we use.  He's reliable, fast and courteous.

 ~ Southern Homes Realty Property Management

I have been incredibly impressed by A.B.E.L. Locksmithing and their total professionalism.  I have been locked out of car, as well as home, all hours......and they have delivered above and beyond what any locksmith has ever done.  Very courteous, always prompt.  I will use no one else.

 ~ Bobby Lepinay

A.B.E.L Locksmith provided fast friendly, and professional service to my place of work.  Mr. Lee and his staff did an excellent job, and at a very reasonable fee.  I would definitely refer my family and friends to A.B.E.L Locksmith.  

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