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Affordable commercial locksmith services in Pensacola, Fl

One of the most common services A.B.E.L. Locksmith provides to our commercial clients is to establish a system that determines who is allowed to enter or have access to an area of a building or a store location either through a “master key system” or installing an electronic access control system.

A “master key system” is a simple efficient method of access control for restaurants and small businesses that do not require the ability to track the access of a specified area. It provides differing “levels” of key copies by strategically arranging the internal workings of each lock on the premises. This allows the owner/manager to carry a single key that will operate all doors, to all locations; while a key holding employee will only have access to the particular store and doors that they need to enter.

For a business that needs to be able to track the access of any given area, the current technological advances allow for electronic access control systems which employ computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. Most access control systems will utilize either an ID card or a “proximity fob” in place of traditional keys, the benefit being that these items can easily be reprogrammed or deactivated from the system by the company manager should there be any employee turnover. They also provide a wide range of tracking options with some systems even boasting the ability to monitor the premises or alter an employee’s access from the manager’s phone or lap top.

A.B.E.L. Locksmith also provides installs and repairs

  • Commercial doors (We install, and service these heavier doors to ensure they are within code for commercial use)
  • Commercial door closers (the hydraulic arm that controls the speed at which a heavy commercial door closes)
  • Commercial door pivots or specialty hinges (devised to hold the weight of the door preventing it from sagging)
  • Panic Hardware (this “push & go” style door hardware is for quick exit during an emergency)
  • Door alarms (push paddle devices that sound an alarm when a loading area or rear exit door is opened)
  • Commercial safe installations and servicing (including combination changes)
  • Register and cabinet keys
  • Exit hardware (such as the panic bars seen on most restaurant doors)
  • Restricted Keyways (Keys for this type of lock cannot be copied except by the issuing locksmith, who will only make copies with the business owners permission)
  • Digital Locks, Gate Locks
  • Medeco high security locks and keys

Commercial locksmith prices

  • Commercial Rekey (with existing key available): $12 per keyed cylinder
  • Commercial Rekey (withOUT existing key available): $16 per keyed cylinder
  • Doorknob / Deadbolt Installation (no hole existing) : $40 (parts NOT included in this price)
  • For more prices go to our price page or call Brian (850) 485-2021

Brian Lee


Brian Lee provided a great service for us - he was responsive, professional and met all of our needs in a timely manner.  We've had good results with his workmanship and appreciate his fairness and diligence to the task at hand.  He provided good insight into other problem areas and was able to remedy those challenges.  We highly recommend ABEL Locksmith.

 ~ Jack and Nancy O'Brien

Abel locksmith is the only locksmith we use.  He's reliable, fast and courteous.

 ~ Southern Homes Realty Property Management

I have been incredibly impressed by A.B.E.L. Locksmithing and their total professionalism.  I have been locked out of car, as well as home, all hours......and they have delivered above and beyond what any locksmith has ever done.  Very courteous, always prompt.  I will use no one else.

 ~ Bobby Lepinay

A.B.E.L Locksmith provided fast friendly, and professional service to my place of work.  Mr. Lee and his staff did an excellent job, and at a very reasonable fee.  I would definitely refer my family and friends to A.B.E.L Locksmith.  

 ~ Freddie Thronson

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